The Bank Indoor Skate Park's  goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all who attend. We have provided written rules which are to be understood as a condition of entry to the venue. The Bank indoor skate park etiquette is to be followed while you are with us. Any directions given by a Staff member are to be followed.

Skate Park Etiquette
  • The Bank is zero tolerance for bullying venue.

  • No swearing.

  • Youngest rider has right of way.

  • The use of the ramps is a turn for turn policy. 

  • One participant per ramp line at a time.

  • Continuous linking of ramp lines is only permitted if no one is on or waiting to use secondary ramp lines.

  • Participants must skate in areas that are best suited to their skill and development and not their bravery.

  • No sitting or resting in the areas to be considered ramp lines or activity areas.

  • No spectators are to enter the activity areas.

  • No food or beverage in the activity areas.

  • No throwing of personal equipment.

  • No actions in which may be considered overly dangerous by The Bank staff members.

  • If  there is damage it must be reported to The Bank staff immediately.

Skate Park Rules

All the following rules are to be consider non amendable and strict conditions of entry.


  • All entering The Bank are to have completed a signed waiver and comply with statements outlined on the waiver.

  • The Bank staff are to be respected and their directions are to be followed at all times.

  • All park etiquette is to be followed.

  • Participants 12 years and under MUST be supervised by an adult.

  • All safety concerns i.e. liquid spills, damage to obstacles are to be reported to a staff member of The Bank immediately.

  • Acts of violence or aggression will see all involved. participants and spectators removed from the premises.

  • No personal belongings are to be left in active areas of the park.

  • Your personal belongings are your own responsibility. The Bank is not liable in any way for loss or damages.

  • No Glass bottles are allowed in The Bank.

  • No person other than the staff of The Bank is to modify or change the intended use of The Bank's obstacles or any other fixtures.